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Tournaments are typically run on weekends and can be entered for 1,000 cp. You can re-enter the tournament as many times as you like, as long as there is time left after you finish your previous tournament run.

Deck Building[ | ]

At the start of a tournament, you may choose a faction from a list of three. You are then shown a set of 2 cards. You can select one of these cards for your deck, and the other one will disappear. You will then receive more sets of 2 until your deck is complete. Make sure you get an appropriate mix of low and high cost cards!

Playing[ | ]

Once you finish building your deck, you will enter a queue to play against another tournament player. You can cancel this queue and come back at any time before the tournament ends. Games follow the same rules, but please note that you may run out of cards in your deck if you have lots of card-drawing abilities, since decks are made of fewer cards.

If you lose two games, you are eliminated and you receive your reward.

Rewards[ | ]

The lowest reward you can receive is 1 Pack. As of 12/3/16, you can receive Monster Island packs, though I don't know if you can also receive Dragon Age packs. Please edit this page if you know.

Please help by completing the following table:

# Wins CP Reward Other Rewards
0 Wins 0 ??
1 Win 0 ??
2 Wins 0 1 Pack + Random Bonus Card
3 Wins 540 1 Pack + Random Bonus Card
4 Wins 1,400 1 Pack + Tournament Bonus Card†
5 Wins ?? 1 Pack + Tournament Bonus Card
6 Wins ?? 1 Pack + Tournament Bonus Card
7 Wins ?? 1 Pack + Tournament Bonus Card
8 Wins ?? 1 Pack + Tournament Bonus Card
9 Wins ?? 1 Pack + Tournament Bonus Card

† You can only win the tournament bonus card once per weekend, no matter how many times you enter the tournament.