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"The Bounty; The Dojo"
Red Files Chapter 7
The Red Tide/The Dojo

It was silent in the dojo as KUROU and The Sensei meditated and BIRGER and The RANGER discussed what their next step would be all while waiting for WIZ to regain conscious

BIRGER: So, what do we do after we leave, we still have to get to the City of the Crusaders

RANGER: Agreed, this forest should be the fastest route to get there if I’m not mistaken, this dojo though caught me by surprise

KUROU: No one expects this dojo to appear, nor is it known to the common people of this land, those who have trained here keep the existence of the dojo a secret

BIRGER: Well I’ve certainly never heard of it, probably because I don’t leave my village

WIZ: Ah, what, where are we guys, and who are these guys

RANGER: Well, while you were sleeping, these two helped us, apparently we are being hunted, bounties on our heads

WIZ: What!! Since when did they release any new wanted posters, those aren’t supposed to be out until the end of the month

BIRGER: Well didn’t the big man with the cannon mention something about the warlocks?

RANGER: I can only assume that the warlocks are finding allies to assault he Crusaders, and that the incident you mentioned to me angered them enough to hunt you down at any cost

KUROU: Well if you all would like to solve your issues later; we may finally begin your training now that your friends awake

BIRGER: Right, I do want become stronger and learn, now where does one begin training

SENSEI: Your first step is to prepare yourself spiritually, a deep meditation should be able to connect you spiritually and physically

BIRGER: Alright well, WIZ, RANGER, you guys want to join, become stronger

RANGER: You need the training it is your journey after all, plus, I’ve been around longer and my own experience that will guide me

BIRGER: Alright then I guess you guys will be outside then

WIZ: Yep, we’ll be waiting, good luck friend

And so, the mental training of BIRGER began, as his friends waited outside of the dojo, Protecting him from the dangers of greedy bounty hunters

SENSEI: Now, BIRGER, to begin your training you must head into your mind, seek your goals and envision your victory that way you’ll become stronger through motivation, inspiration, and determination

BIRGER: Alright then, I guess I’m off to meditate

With that BIRGER began his meditation, but meanwhile the attack on the Crusader city was being prepped as SARUS and his forces had just linked up with HEADWOOD, REDBEARD, and the rest of the newly formed warlock-pirate alliance mere miles outside of the city’s walls

SARUS: HEADWOOD what is the status of our forces

HEADWOOD: Well my liege, our flame knights and sorcerers have gathered up and are in position for the attack, meanwhile our pyromancers are dragging the flames drakes out of their dens and will be here soon, and finally some more of our pirate allies will join us shortly

SARUS: Very well, REDBEARD, have your hunters killed our intended targets like we agreed

REDBEARD: Well SARUS, my boys have not yet returned from their hunt, so there is no way to tell for sure if they succeeded

SARUS: If they did not succeed it does not matter, our attack would be completed and that little Viking would be no worry to us

Meanwhile at the Viking village: WARRIOR: Sir, what’s wrong, our people are celebrating our victory over the invading forces, you should join us

ICEWEAVER: I sense that our battle was not the only battle fought around this time, our allies must live with caution at this time

WARRIOR #1: Sir?

ICEWEAVER: We must be ready at all times, though our celebration may go on tonight, I fear the troubles for our villages are not yet over

At this moment, the plan of the warlocks was just unleashed

SARUS: Begin the attack!!