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"The Bounty; The Dojo"
Red Files Chapter 6
The Red Tide/The Dojo

BIRGER and company were just ambushed by STUBBS, let's see what transpires

BIRGER stood with anger in his eyes as he stared down his new opponents, STUBBS on the other hand readied his cannon to fire

BIRGER: What is it you want with me pirates, wasn't beating three of you enough to show I shouldn't be messed with

STUBBS: That pirate you disgraced was our captain, it's our duty to kill you for what you did

BIRGER: I only did what was right, to protect those who can't themselves

STUBBS: What you did was your final mistake, Gunner FIRE!!!

The troll gunner then flashed a grin as he fired another shot hoping to hit BIRGER, but missed as BIRGER dodged it

BIRGER: What was that about the Warlocks I heard too

RANGER: I thought you pirates were too prideful to care about alliances, only gold

STUBBS: With the warlocks, we will ascend to the top, once we get there we'll cut off the warlocks from power and rule the land

Once he finished his rant, STUBBS fired his cannon directly towards the group until it was cut in two by the RANGER while the troll and BIRGER were clashing blades as the troll took out a dagger from his side. However BIRGER showed he was getting stronger by knocking down the troll who then reached for his gun

KUROU: Enough of this, we have real work to accomplish

KUROU then vanished and reappeared in front of STUBBS and the troll and blew a powder towards them which made them disappear.

BIRGER: Woah how did you do that

KUROU: You will learn in time, now quickly, the sensei awaits your arrival in the dojo

Meanwhile the troll and STUBBS reappeared in the ocean as they were dropped in by the powder

STUBBS: Where the hell are we, what did that pajama man do?!

TROLL: Grunt I think we landed somewhere in the East Ocean

STUBBS: Damn, well let's see if we can make it back to the RED TIDE

Now that the duo was taken care of, BIRGER and the RANGER entered the dojo, followed by KUROU as he dragged an unconscious WIZ inside with him

BIRGER: Now where is this POOF woah!!

He was cut off mid-sentence by more materializing smoke as an old man on a hovering cloud soon came out of the very smoke

SENSEI: Now KUROU, who is it you have brought before me this time

KUROU: These are the ones you have told that were in your vision

SENSEI: Ah yes, the warrior of prophecy from the Viking village to the north

BIRGER: Um, not to be rude sir but how do you know who I am

KUROU: The SENSEI has a unique power of visions, using his own teachings he can create a sight into the future to see where he should materialize the dojo next, then I head out and find the person who the SENSEI sees in his vision

RANGER: I see, so your a selective dojo, seeking out those who you find worthy

KUROU: That's correct, the SENSEI only will train those who appear in his vision

BIRGER: Well I guess I'm lucky then hahaha, Whack

As the stick of the SENSEI came hailing down on BIRGER'S head, BIRGER turned around in disbelief

SENSEI: You are not lucky, only chosen, when your friend wakes up over there, you will be begin your training

BIRGER: Alright then I guess, now WIZ just has to wake his old self up from his nap

With that BIRGER and company waited for WIZ to wake up while mentally preparing for the intense training that lied ahead. Meanwhile, STUBBS and the troll gunner returned to the RED TIDE and reported to REDBEARD.

STUBBS: Sir, we report failure on the collection of that viking's head

REDBEARD: IDIOT!! Now what will the warlocks do now we failed to hunt a single Viking

HEADWOOD: We will prepare for the arrival of the Warlock army to storm the city of the Crusaders

REDBEARD: Uh. Mr.HEADWOOD sir, I thought you..

HEADWOOD: it's professor to you, and anyway I just finished contact with lord SARUS, he is mobilizing the army to the Crusader city, we will meet him there

REDBEARD: so the bounty is??

HEADWOOD: Still alive, but for now our purpose is to take the Crusaders out and solidify our spot as rulers of the land, once that's done we can then start sending out larger hunting parties for the Viking, or maybe he'll already be dead and we won't have to do a thing

REDBEARD: Crew, onwards towards the city of the Crusaders!!

As the fortress moved, all of SARUS'S forces were coming together, ready to make their move on the land, not knowing of one person who would stand in their way