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"The Deal; Evil Rising"
Red Files Chapter 5
The Red Tide/The Dojo

REDBEARD is confronted by HEADWOOD on his now flying ship.

As the two men stared off there was an intense feeling of tension in the air, a move by any one of them could cause a riot on the ship. This wouldn't happen however as HEADWOOD soon approached REDBEARD and began to speak

HEADWOOD: Well captain, I believe it is time to talk about our arrangement.

REDBEARD: What arrangement, I have never met you before, how did you get on my ship anyway

HEADWOOD: I found my own way aboard, and as for the arrangement, your two thieves were smart enough to do your talking while you were napping

REDBEARD: IDIOTS!!!, what did they agree to anyway

HEADWOOD: An alliance between the warlocks and pirates, with the amount of territory you "control" over the land, we warlocks can expand into areas all over

REDBEARD: And my ship?

HEADWOOD: I felt like it needed upgrades to effectively rule when lord SARUS takes over

REDBEARD: So what is it that you would have us pirates do exactly

HEADWOOD: For now you will help spread chaos until you are needed to help the main invasion force. But if you need a job now, go and hunt down BIRGER, the one who defeated you

REDBEARD: That little runt, I'll find him and make him pay for what he did at the north tavern

This led REDBEARD back to his mess hall where his crew munched down whatever food they had on them. REDBEARD then pulled away STUBBS to speak with him about what was happening

STUBBS: So we have to work with these guys now in exchange for power over all?

REDBEARD: But to do this we must play along and follow the orders were given, he wants us to hunt down a Viking warrior named BIRGER.

STUBBS: Where would he be then

REDBEARD: He couldn't have moved very far into the woods from the northern tavern, take the troll gunner with you and see what you can find

STUBBS: Alright captain

As STUBBS grabbed the troll gunner and embarked out. BIRGER and crew continued their journey through the woods until they came across a small wood building in their path

BIRGER: Hey guys, what do you suppose this is and what's it doing so far in this forest

WIZ: I'm not quite sure, out of all the maps in the wizard academy there is no mention of a structure out here

RANGER: I think I know, there is mention among this place as a dojo, constantly moving from place to place helping those who need refuge or training

BIRGER: Great, I could always use more... Woah

POOF All of a sudden, a cloud of smoke materialized in front of BIRGER as a mysterious ninja stepped out of the same cloud. Once he stepped out of the smoke, he knocked down BIRGER, knocked out WIZ and tried to do similar to the RANGER, but failed, all with incredible speed.

KUROU: My name is KUROU, guardian of the dojo, who steps forward to learn about the dojo's secrets

BIRGER: Well, we do, travelers on our way to the grand city of the Crusaders and future saviors of this land

RANGER: BIRGER are you sure it's smart to reveal our intentions to this person, he clearly is dangerous

BIRGER: But if he knows we mean no harm then maybe we can learn from him

KUROU: Indeed you can travelers, this dojo has been around for many generations and we can teach you what we know


KUROU: Inside lives the sensei who was been around since the beginning of the dojo itself

BIRGER: Well now let's head of inside and...

BANG As a bullet flew past him, BIRGER turned to face STUBBS and the troll gunner who didn't look happy at all


BIRGER: Why yes I am and who may you be

STUBBS: Who we are is none of your concern, but you might want to know is that we're here to end you in the name of the Warlocks