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"The Journey Continues; New Friends Found"
Red Files Chapter 4
The Forest Brewery/The Forest/The Red Tide

Still at the Brewery, BIRGER tries to assess the WIZARD's wounds.

BIRGER: Uh mister, are you going to be okay

As BIRGER held the WIZARD in his arms he showed a giant gunshot wound from REDBEARD. However he didn't seem concerned with his wound instead he just laughed

WIZARD: Hahahahahahahahaha

He laughed until the body turned to ash. Yet the laughter continued as the same wizard appeared from the back of the tavern which confused both BIRGER and the RANGER

BIRGER: But, how I-I-I

WIZARD: Magic young one, all I did was...

RANGER: I see, you made a clone of yourself to confront REDBEARD knowing you wouldn't be as powerful to confront him yourself

WIZARD: Exactly sir, you see I'm not that powerful yet but soon I'll be a grand wizard. I'm planning on going to the grand city of the Crusaders to learn all that I can

BIRGER: oh hey, I'm heading off to the land of the crusaders too you guys wanna join me

WIZARD: If it means not being lonely, sure why not

RANGER: I'm not so sure kid, maybe I'll stick around here for now and help anyone who wanders in

BIRGER: Alright than I appreciate you help for teaching me I guess me and...

WIZARD: Call me Wiz young man

BIRGER: Than me an Wiz will head out

As the new duo headed out the began to venture deeper into the woods, BIRGER explained his own reasons for heading to the grand city

WIZ: I see you hope to fulfill the prophecy of your people

BIRGER: That's right and I... Look out!!

As their conversation ended abruptly they were attacked by a duo of poison drakes who were wandering the forest

BIRGER: WIZ, cover me while I take out these creatures

As Wiz did just that, BIRGER swung his ice sword at the drakes, causing them to lash out and spit their poison, thankfully the poison didn't damage BIRGER but he and WIZ soon were knocked down by the power of the drakes

WIZ: Aw man sonny I think we may really meet our end this time

Just as the drakes were about to bite down on the duo a powerful slash was heard as one of the two drakes suddenly collapsed. When BIRGER looked up he saw the RANGER in a nearby tree

RANGER: BIRGER, you take this one

As BIRGER stood up to the words of his teacher he felt an adrenaline rush of sorts as he bombarded the remaining drake with multiple blows. He stopped once the drake finally fell defeated and the RANGER came over to the duo

BIRGER: What made you come find us sir

RANGER: Well if I want to help people again I figured you guys could use me on your team with all the powerful foes you'll surely encounter

BIRGER: Well we greatly appreciate your companionship, now let's go

The now trio than set their sights on heading to the grand city to fulfill their quest


Back on the red tide, REDBEARD was regaining conscious in his quarters as he awoke to the sound of construction. As he headed to the mess hall he found is crew silently waiting for him. The two thieves, a cannoneer, a witch doctor, and a troll gunner all looked up at him. But the cannoneer was the first to confront him.

REDBEARD: STUBBS, what's with all the banging outside while your in here. What's going on with everybody waiting here

STUBBS: Well sir, it appears were under new management


As REDBEARD rushed outside he found that his ship now flying in the air, sorcerers used magic to rearrange his ship, and a large canon was being produced in at the helm of the ship, all while HEADWOOD was overseeing the project

HEADWOOD: ah the good captain is awake, we can finally start making our business arrangement

REDBEARD: Hey!! Who are you, what're you doing to my ship and what sort of business arrangement are you talking about

HEADWOOD: Why captain, I'm taking about the arrangement of ruling all of the lands in the world