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"The Training; Alliances Forged"
Red Files Chapter 3
Forest Brewery

As the morning opens, we find BIRGER trotting a path through the forest. It has only been a week since BIRGER had started his mysterious quest from the ICEWEAVER at the temple and he still had little to no training at all. It was only now that he had discovered to be a SCOUNDREL'S GUILD of some sort. It was a chance for BIRGER to replenish his strength, maybe even find the RANGER.

BIRGER: Huh, I guess I can get something to drink in here

As he walked in the establishment he found some shady characters, none that he was all to familiar with. In the back tables he noticed two berserkers arm wrestling to be what looked like for their lives. Meanwhile at the bar area there appeared to be an exhausted swordsman sporting fresh battle-scars from what could have been an intense brawl. BIRGER sat about two seats away from the passed out swordsman as the bartender approached him

BARTENDER: Hey man what's it gonna be

BIRGER: Uh, do you have anything chilled? BARTENDER: I'll see what we have in the back

While the bartender went to find a drink, BIRGER contemplated what he would do next. He thought about finding the RANGER and hoping to become a great warrior. He would finally no longer be a reject to the others who trained in the village, but rather a hero to all in the land. That also crossed the idea of this whole journey he was currently on, what would he have to do and who would he have to face, all these thoughts came into his head with amazing speed.

BARTENDER: Hey, I'm back with your drink

When BIRGER looked up he saw the bartender's face and looked down to see a glass of water with way to much ice.

BIRGER: Oh, thank you, I guess


BIRGER: excuse me, do you happen to know if the RANGER passes by around these parts?

BARTENDER: You mean him in the back

As BIRGER turned around, he now noticed a shadowy figure in the back of the room. He had a long sword, and clearly looked dangerous to mess with. Either way BIRGER had no choice, he needed training. Once he arrived in back he took a seat across from the figure

BIRGER: Um, are you the RANGER?

RANGER: And who's the one asking kid

BIRGER: Well I heard you were a legend sir, the people you've fought, others you've helped, a true hero who helps the people who can't wage war.

RANGER: That's me kid, so why come all this way just to find me anyway

BIRGER: I need your wisdom in the art of combat, I was told something of a prophecy and if I'm to fulfill that same prophecy I need to learn about proper combat, I'm not the best fighter, heck I'm not much of a fighter at all

RANGER: I get it, your the chosen hero from the Viking prophecy, I don't see the harm in letting you learn let's step outside first.

The RANGER got up from his seat closely followed by BIRGER as they stepped outside walking up to a set of three trees. The RANGER than drew his sword in an impressive maneuver and cut all three trees like fruits. He was able to sculpt them into what appeared to be practice dummies as he withdrew his sword in a similarly impressive action.

RANGER: Alright than BIRGER, let's see what you have for me to work with, try your skills with these dummies

BIRGER: Alright here I go than

BIRGER than drew his ice sword and began to swing at the dummies, mostly being thrown back by the recoil of his sword. He eventually became tired and drew away from the wooden statues.

RANGER: Alrighty than I believe I see your issue, you may need to use s firmer grip on the sword and maybe...

And with the advice he was given, BIRGER started to develop his skills slowly improving as the day went. It felt like the pair had been out for hours until finally all three dummies had been destroyed by the hands of the newly improved BIRGER

RANGER: Very nice, you are quick to pickup on my methods why not go inside and take another drink

As they stepped back inside, the RANGER and BIRGER enjoyed some more drinks until a Rudy bunch entered. REDBEARD and two of his thieves from his crew walked in and approach the bartender.

REDBEARD: Hey, you where is the weekly fine you owe us for keeping this heap running

BARTENDER: I-I'm sorry captain but I don't have it this week business has been slow

REDBEARD: Not good enough you lowlife, I'll be taking my own payment now, Boys!!

WIZARD: Not so fast young man

Out of the corner of his eye, BIRGER noticed an old man slowly walk through the door of the establishment. He didn't look like he could put up a good fight

WIZARD: I cast the power of...

BANG rang the musket of REDBEARD as the shot knocked the old man's cane out of his already weak grasp

REDBEARD: Anyone else got something to say before I make an example of the elderly

BIRGER: Yea I do, you punks shouldn't be here

As BIRGER stood up REDBEARD aimed up his shot before immediately being thrown over the bar counter by the RANGER'S quick speed and power. This led the thieves to attack BIRGER as steel clashed on ice as both thieves tried to overpower BIRGER. But with the new training, BIRGER matched the thieves blow for blow and sent them packing as he disarmed both of them.

THIEF #1: Hey man lets ditch this place

THIEF #2: Grab the captain first than lets go

As the thieves grab their unconscious captain and ran out, BIRGER helped the old man up

BIRGER: Excuse me sir are you alright

WIZARD: Thanks you kindly how can I repay you

Meanwhile back on the RED TIDE, the thieves discussed what they were going to do until a hooded figure stepped foward

THIEF: Hey what do you want, this isn't a place for you

HEADWOOD: Oh, I believe it is, and I think we can make an agreement