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"The Clash; Brynjolf's Awakening"
Red Files Chapter 2
Viking Village

As the cold winds pickup we see the Vikings in their village as Blacksmiths work with new weapons in the armories while warriors train to become fighters for their village. However BIRGER, a lonely warrior, was not training alongside his brothers as he works to collect materials for the Blacksmiths. BIRGER was known to be a weaker warrior who wasn't very skilled in combat instead he spent his time making weapons rather than using weapons. BIRGER today was assigned to help SMITHY in his armory today as he looks up to the temple of the five gods.

SMITHY: Hey BIRGER, where are the metals I asked for you weakling!!!

BIRGER: Sorry Mr. Smithy I'll get right on it sir

SMITHY: You should stop staring up at that temple on the mountains all day, you know only those who control the power of ice are allow to study there and become iceweavers

BIRGER: I guess your right I just wanna help make a difference in this world, that's all

Suddenly the sound of marching was heard as two warriors who guarded the entrance of the village came rushing in with the news

WARRIOR #1: Hey everyone ready up the Crusaders are on the March!!

WARRIOR #2: Lionel is heading this way with his army!!!

Sure enough, LIONEL was on his way with an army of clerics and priests looking ready to sack the entire village, however they stopped as soon as they entered and LIONEL stepped forward

LIONEL: Alright which one of you...

As he proceeded to speak the guard warriors lashed out for a surprise attack but were quickly knocked down by the power of LIONEL. When the Warriors were disposed of he continued to speak

LIONEL: As I was saying, which one of you leads over this land

With that large footsteps could be heard as, from the building appearing to belong to a chief, RAGNAR stepped forward with large axe in hand as he glared down LIONEL

RAGNAR: Who challenge RAGNAR to Fight!!

LIONEL: I do, you brute, and if I claim victory you will lead me to where your people keep the ice where BRYNJOLF is frozen

With this the two forces collide in battle as each fighter takes on intense blows from one another. As the Warriors and clerics look upon they are amazed at how well these two can counter each other and stand their own ground. Eventually LIONEL is able to overpower RAGNAR and put him within inches of the final blow.

LIONEL: Do you submit or will you...

Before he can finish his threat more marching is heard in the distance coming from the opposite end of where LIONEL'S forces came. Off in the distance SARUS was seen leading an army similar in size to LIONEL'S but composed of flame knights and pryomancers.

LIONEL: NO, they can't be here now not when we are so close to the prize, MEN, hold the line, we can't afford those Warlocks harnessing the power of BRYNJOLF for their evil ways.

As LIONEL marched his troops forward, SARUS gave a speech to his own troops

SARUS: Alright guys time to march and claim the power of BRYNJOLF for our own deities

As he finished his speech both sides clashed within the village as Clerics and priests fought off flame knights and pryomancers. This forced local warriors Into the conflict as The village took arms and fought back, eventually BIRGER was dragged into the conflict as he chased SARUS, who was seen climbing the steps to the temple. As BIRGER ran in after him he noticed several unconscious iceweavers laid out by SARUS. SARUS had approached the ice block where BRYNJOLF was frozen and was about to release him by pulling the ice weapon from the ice. As he tried to pull the sword in wouldn't budge, SARUS became furious as he soon noticed BIRGER.

SARUS: YOU!! Tell me the secret of releasing BRYNJOLF before you meet your end

BIRGER: Never, I would not betray my own people

BIRGER launched out at SARUS only to be disarmed and laid out inches away from the ice weapon. SARUS: Do you have any final words before you join your five gods in the sky BIRGER didn't answer, instead he reached for the ice weapon and pulled it from the ice, suddenly the temple began to shake and the once closed eyes of the Viking hero glowed a strong blue. The ice shattered apart and BRYNJOLF let out a powerful battle cry. This cry was heard by all warriors in the village who suddenly became empowered by the cry. With the new strength they found the Vikings were able to repel both the Crusader and Warlock armies with the final boot being SARUS being punched out of the temple by BRYNJOLF himself. Once the battle was over the iceweavers had begun to get back on their feet, amazed by the sight in front of them. This lead the master iceweavers to approach BIRGER MASTER ICEWEAVER: Young warrior you are the one, chosen by our gods to restore our land!! BIRGER: what are you talking about I just tried to reach for a weapon?? MASTER ICEWEAVER: You are the one who is said to restore the order to the land divided by conflict. It is said you are to be a powerful warrior who builds up his strength through his adventure in order to defeat the Warlocks and any other evil. BIRGER: I think you have the wrong guy, I only know how to make the weapons not use them, besides I know I'm not good at it MASTER ICEWEAVER: Go now take the ice weapon and head towards the land of Crusaders, from there you will meet a RANGER who will teach you what you need to know With this BIRGER began his journey into the unknown world not knowing what destiny had in store for him