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"Sarus Rises"
Red Files Chapter 1
Great Warlock Academy

In the ever expanding war of factions Sarus, once archive keeper of the Crusaders, traveled through the fiery and dangerous terrain of the land controlled by the Warlocks overseen by the Eye of Flame; he intends to reach the Warlock Academy and when he does he is confronted by a Flame Knight guard

KNIGHT: Hey, you there, halt and speak why you have come to the great Warlock Academy

SARUS: You should be more careful about who you use that tone towards now; I am Saurus, once archive keeper for the Crusaders but now search for a place more deserving of my knowledge

KNIGHT: Well how can I know to trust you, after all you yourself said you once part of the Crusaders, the most hated enemy of the might warlocks and offender to the elder gods

SARUS: That is true, there is no reason for you to trust me, but if you want the knowledge I posess about your hated "enemy" then you will take me to your headmaster at once

KNIGHT: Very well then

The flame knight leads Sarus deep inside the Warlock Academy, on the way Saurus observes many acolytes learning the ways of the Warlock by learning from pyromancers and sorcerers meanwhile learning just by the sight all the ways of the Academy until they reach the "office" of the headmaster, Headwood

HEADWOOD: Knight, who is this you have brought before me?

KNIGHT: Sir, he proclaims to be Sarus, once an archive keeper of the Crusaders

HEADWOOD: Very well then leave us.

The flame knight leaves and returns to his post

HEADWOOD: So you proclaim to be a keeper do you, well then tell me, what are some of the intentions of the Crusaders

SARUS: If you need to know, Lionel intends to take a team of his Clerics up North to search for a hero incased in ice, who goes by the name of "Brynjolf"

HEADWOOD: Thank you, now you qualify for a possible..

And with that Sarus used his magic he learned in his archive studies to attack Headwood, defeating him in battle and becoming the NEW HEADMASTER

HEADWOOD: Very good, you have embraced the madness and chaos of a warlock, congratulations and welcome to the world of warlocks HEADMASTER SAURUS

SARUS: I see, now the warlocks will grow and become the most dominant faction of all time

A scout then bursts into the office bringing the news to Saurus and Headwood about Lionel's plan to march up North

SCOUT: Sir, we received news, Lionel is ready to move his army forwards into the North to seek aid of the Vikings in the war

HEADWOOD: Well, you are the new HeadMaster what should we do?

SARUS: Headwood, assemble an army of pryomancers, sorcerers, and flame Knights along with whoever we can require on the way. We will be the ones who free Brynjolf, get help from the Vikings, and proclaim victory in the grand war