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The Eye of Dominion is a Legendary neutral unit card that is summoned for 3 gold.

The Eye of Dominion Card

The Eye of Dominion's Card as seen during deck building

Appearance[ | ]

A crumbling tower made of molten rock with a flame-like eye floating above it.

Stats[ | ]

The Eye of Dominion has 5 health, 7 attack, and 2 range.

Ability[ | ]

The Eye of Dominion cannot move or gain movement and can't attack on the turn summoned.

Usage[ | ]

Lore[ | ]

"I was walking into the school, right. And as I passed by that weird statue that looked like a prong, I passed out! When I awoke, I burned the words, "They broke me.... I don't remember.... Three of me" on the walls. Weird, right? I still had to clean it up" - Troublesome Pyromancer