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Card as shown in game

The Reckless Knight is a Basic Crusader Knight unit that is summoned for 3 gold.

Appearance[ | ]

A red-haired knight adorned in yellow armor and wielding a blade and shield.

Stats[ | ]

Reckless Knight has 4 Health, 3 Attack, 3 Movement, and 1 Range

Ability[ | ]

Reckless Knight's charge allows it to move an extra 2 tiles on the turn played. This, coupled with the low cost of the unit, gives room for combo-ing this card with cards that give aura, or the infamous combo of playing this card with Luminarus.

Usage[ | ]

This Card is used to pick off small units in the early game, as well as the combos stated above. The relatively high health and quick burst of mobility are used to out-tempo the opponent early on.