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Monster Island was an expansion released on 21 July 2016 introducing the Monster type and bringing new feature. The expansion was later scrapped and its card given to other sets (notably the base set which was lacking). All players received 3 free Monster Island packs.

Some notable Monster Island changes are listed below:

  • BLOCKING: Your units will now block enemy units from advancing.
  • New ability FLYING: Flying units can move past enemies.
  • Updated ability STEALTH: Stealth has been reworked to make units totally invisible to your opponent!
  • New ability RAMPAGE, replacing both double strike and multistrike: Let's the unit attack and move twice without attacking the same target.
  • Deck format upgraded from 30 cards with 2 copies per, to 40 cards with 3 copies per! Special restrictions on Legendary cards have been removed, and Legendary cards have been made more balanced.
  • TELEPORT has been removed from almost all units and abilities.
  • CHARGE has been removed from almost all units and abilities.

This also marked the release of Legacy and Standard modes, with many older cards being moved into the Legacy format to improve balance in ranked matches. The next ranking season would contain Monster Island cards rewards based on their rank earned during that season.