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Jonviev the Dawnsword is a Legendary Crusaders unit card that is summoned for 7 gold.

Jonviev the Dawnsword Card

Jonviev the Dawnsword's Card as seen during deck building

Appearance[ | ]

A red-headed woman equipped with brilliant gold armor, a large round shield, and a holy sword.

Stats[ | ]

Jonviev the Dawnsword has 7 health, 5 attack, and 3 movement.

Ability[ | ]

Jonviev the Dawnsword gains 2 movement and heals all knights for 6 health

Usage[ | ]

Lore[ | ]

"Hm? Jonviev the Protector? I don't ever recall a time that someone called me that. I have and always will be Jonviev the Dawnsword" -Jonviev the Dawnsword