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Archanon Hasan Missionary

Card as seen in-game

Hasan Missionary is a basic neutral unit card that is summoned for 3 gold.

Appearance[ | ]

A elderly man in a priest uniform carrying a staff.

Stats[ | ]

Hasan Missionary has 3 attack, 4 health, and 2 movement.

Ability[ | ]

Initiative: When summoned, Hasan Missionary heals all allies by 2.

Usage[ | ]

Lore[ | ]

  • "Evil heretics. These "missionaries" are known for brainwashing people into their cult. Keep away from them" -Loremaster Tarius
  • "Hasan Missionaries? Evil? Ha! That Tarius is such a bigot. He is just hurt that all the priests from the Crusaders defected to join the Hasan civilization" - One-Eyed Maddy