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Archanon Guardian

Card as seen in-game

Guardian is a basic neutral unit card that is summoned for 3 gold.

Appearance[ | ]

A fully armored man equipped with a shield and a spear.

Stats[ | ]

Guardian has 5 health, 3 attack, and 3 movement.

Abilities[ | ]

Initiative: When summoned, the summoner's castle is healed by 1 health.

Usage[ | ]

Lore[ | ]

Changelog[ | ]

  • August 25th, 2016:
    • Health went from 6 to 7 ("We realized this is the same card as Berserker, but without the knockback. This was a small oversight making these cards so similar, so we've increased Guardian's HP to 7.").
  • Health has been decreased to 5/ Guardian has gained the ability to heal the castle by 1