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Grendel is a rare neutral Undead Monster card that is summoned for 5 gold.

Grendel Card

Grendel's Card as seen during deck building

Appearance[ | ]

A large undead humanoid monster wearing only pants.

Stats[ | ]

Grendel has 7 health, 6 attack, and 2 movement.

Ability[ | ]

When Grendel is destroyed, a Zombie spawns in its place.

Usage[ | ]

The zombie the Grendel summons afterwards is useful when playing defense, as it creates another obstacle to go through. His statline is also very good.

Lore[ | ]

"Grendels are a ferocious sight to behold, capable of killing most troops with one hit. However, they can easily be recruited simply by promising them more sheep to herd" - The Tarius Files