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Card as shown in game

Fenrir is a Legendary Viking unit that is summoned for 9 gold.

Appearance[ | ]

A large wolf-man with a metal breastplate. He wears red-orange trousers, and has a menacing pose and facial expression.

Stats[ | ]

Fenrir has base stats 5 Attack, 8 Health, 4 Movement, and 1 Range.

Ability[ | ]

Fenrir's rampage, coupled with his 4 movement, allow him to rocket into enemy territory, as well as take out one or two units on the way. He also reveals stealth units which is situational, but the newly revealed unit can give him just the boost he needs to wipe the enemy board clean.

Usage[ | ]

This card is as good as, if not better than the Rune Warrior, at the price of two extra gold. Because both are generally needed in Sudden Death, Fenrir is an amazing card to have in any Viking deck.