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Dwarven Scope is a rare pirates spell card that costs 4 gold, and gives its target +1 unique range and +1 health.

Appearance[ | ]

Dwarven Scope shows a bald dwarf with a black beard adjusting a pair of steampunk-esque goggles he is wearing.

Effect[ | ]

Dwarven Scope gives its target +1 range and +1 health. The range cannot stack, and playing 2 Dwarven Scopes on 1 unit it will grant it +1 range +2 health.

Usage[ | ]

Dwarven Scope is great with nearly any high damage unit, as it allows it to kill other expensive units without dying to them. It has direct synergy with Beastial Rampage, Combo units, and is especially strong with Kurou the Assasin.