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Druid's logo as seen during deck building.

Druids are one of the six factions in Cards and Castles.

Druids possess an affinity with nature and the creatures of the forest. They can absorb damage from allies with their spiritual bonds, and summon ferocious beasts to come to their aid. Druid mechanics favor ephemeral units and aggressive plays, completing the circle of life. They use the following unique mechanics:

  • Spirit Link: Any combat damage dealt to your allies is redirected to this unit.
  • Rampage: This unit can move and attack a second unit after the first.
  • Companion: Companion units can be played next to any other unit you have on the board.

They have 24 cards in total.

List of Units[ | ]

Name Cost Attack Health Tag Ability Rarity
Injured Treant 2 3 5 Initiative: Take 2 damage. Rare
Northland Wolf 2 2 3 Beast Last Will: Your other Beasts gain +1/+1. Rare
Bearhog 3 2 3 Beast Rampage Comon
Elvish Hunter 3 2 2 Ranged; Your Companion spells cost (2) less. Epic
Living Vines 3 4 5 Slow; Survival Instinct: Heal for 1. Epic
Manticore 3 2 4 Beast Spirit Link Basic
Spiney 3 2 3 Beast Companion Basic
Centaur 4 3 3 Companion Common
Gromok the Gorrila 4 1 5 Beast Survival Instinct: Gain +2/+2 and Rampage. Legendary
Killer Rabbit 4 2 4 Beast Rampage; Combo: Gain +1 Attack. Epic
Northland Bear 4 3 6 Beast Basic
Fenrir 5 3 5 Beast Rampage; Gain +1 attack whenever any unit is injured. Legendary
Forest Watcher 5 4 4 Giant Companion; Slow; Initiative: Deal 2 damage to nearby enemies. Epic
The Beastmaster 5 3 3 Initiative: Summon two Beasts. When this unit dies, destroy all your Beasts. Legendary
Ancient Arbor 6 8 8 Slow Epic
Arch Druid Leanna 9 3 3 Initiative: Summon two Treants at full health and give them Spirit Link. Legendary

List of Spells[ | ]

Name Cost Effect Rarity
Bestial Rage 1 Give a unit Rampage and also give it +1/+1 if you control a Beast. Basic
Blessing of the Treants 1 Give ANY unit +2/+2 and -1 Movement. Epic
Adaptive Armor 3 Trap: When a unit is attacked, it gains +3 Health and Spirit Link. Rare
Call Beast 3 Summon a random Beast. Rare
Seed of Regrowth 3 Trap: When your unit is destroyed, summon a Treant with full health. Basic
Forest Revolt 4 Summon a Treant and heal all your treants to full. Rare
Call for Aid 5 Add two Northlands Rangers to your hand and they cost (2) less. Legendary
Pack of Wolves 8 Summon 3 Northland Wolves. Epic