Cards and Castles Wiki

The Shards symbol in-game.

In Cards and Castles, it is possible to acquire new cards by crafting them. A player can craft any card from the currently active expansions with shards, a currency used exclusively for this purpose.

Disenchanting[ | ]

Players can acquire more shards by disenchanting their cards. They can either manually choose which cards they want disenchanted, by pressing on the "Crafting" button and then clicking the card, or they can simply press "Clean Up" to have all extra copies removed from their collection. It is not possible to disenchant starter cards.

Before patch 3.2, the game used Card Points as its main crafting currency, as well as for acquiring new packs. After the patch, Card Points are now used exclusively to buy packs and shards to craft cards.

Values[ | ]

Cards of different rarities will cost different amounts to craft, and will reward different amount of shards when being disenchanted. The foil version of a card costs around four times as much to create as its common counterpart, and is the only kind of starter card that can be either crafted or disenchanted. A basic foil card rewards as much shards as a common card.

Crafting screen

The crafting screen as of patch 3.2.

Values in Shards
Rarity Disenchanting Crafting (Foil)
Basic* 5 200
Common 5 40 (200)
Rare 20 100 (400)
Epic 100 400 (800)
Legendary 250 800 (1600)

*Values only for foils.

Related achievements[ | ]

Image Name Description
Card Craftsmanship Card Craftsmanship Craft 10 cards!
Crafting Connoisseur Crafting Connoisseur Craft 50 cards!
Disenchantment Disenchantment Disenchant a card!
Let There Be Card! Let There Be Card! Craft one card using shards.

Note: Using the "Clean" button to remove all extra copies won't reward the player with the "Disenchantment" achievement. They must manually disenchant a card to be awarded it.