Cards and Castles Wiki

The Castle is the goal of the game. The player's job is to protect his/her own castle, while simultaneously attack and destroy the opponent's.


Blue Castle on the left/Red Castle on the Right

Gameplay[ | ]

At the start of each new match, both castles, the player's and the opponent's, have 20 health; they are located in the middle row, second to last column on both sides of the board.

The Castle is not a unit, a building, or an obstacle and can only be affected by spells that use target or castle in its description.

Customization[ | ]

Players can customize their castle with skins. These skins can either be bought through bundles, won through Tournament, or can be gained through Ranking up.

The different types of skins are:

  • Legendary Castle
  • Windmill Castle
  • Autumn Leaves Castle
  • Treehouse Castle
  • Monster Island Castle
  • Dragon's Lair Castle
  • Classic Castle
  • Fairy Castle
  • Church Castle