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Card Points are an old type of currency that could be used in the shop and to enter Tournaments when they were running. The player could acquire Card Points by finishing daily quests, winning Tournaments, or buying them in the shop. They have been removed from the game.

History[ | ]

Card Points were the main type of currency in the game for a long time and alongside the Silver Coins. Unlike the Silver Coins, Card Points could be earned through playing the game. They were used as reward from quests and tournaments. Card Points were completely removed from the game, its leaving bringing some changes:

  • Tournaments became free and now you can earn card packs in them.
  • Quests now have card packs as rewards. Additionally, you can earn 5 Silver Coins per completed quest. To be noted the fact that card packs are harder to purchase from shop now, but the amount of free card packs make up for it.
  • All uses of Card Points in the shop have been replaced by the Silver Coins.