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Behemothra Card 2

Card as shown in game

Behemothra is an Epic monster unit card that is summoned for 3 gold.

Appearance[ | ]

A pink moth-pig hybrid

Stats[ | ]

It starts off with 4 health, 3 attack, and 3 movement.

Ability[ | ]

Behemothra has the special ability to gain 1 health and 1 attack each time a monster is summoned by either side.

Usage[ | ]

Behemothra is used in decks with lots of Monster units in them, but it is very vulenerable when left alone.

Lore[ | ]

"Be wary of the Behemothra and the monsters nearby because if left to its own devices, it has the power to destroy worlds"- The Tarius Files
"If you see any small, purple creatures any where on the island, I urge to kill it immediately! Or a terrible fate might befall on you...." - An island Witch Doctor

Updates[ | ]

  • Behemothra's health has been increased from 3 to 4./Behemothra's special ability has changed from "gaining 2 health and 2 attack from each monster summoned" to "gaining 1 health and 1 attack from each monster summoned".